Bucks County publishes general election digital polling books

Poll Panel, created by St. Louis-based voting system manufacturer KnowInk.  Bucks County will implement a similar system for voter signatures and verification of their signature beginning with the general election in November 2022.

Bucks County’s voting system will get an improve.

Paper poll books of a number of thousand pages will disappear, making manner for brand spanking new digital discs that Bucks County officers say will simplify the voting course of for voters and ballot employees alike, whereas offering the county with the assets wanted to print and distribute paper poll books for every election.

Starting in November, every of Bucks County’s 307 districts will primarily use digital pill poll books for voter registration and signature verification. Bucks County will even print final time paperback polling books for the upcoming election, simply as a backup and for ballot employees who should be uncomfortable with the brand new system.

The Buck County Board of Commissioners voted in favor of the transfer throughout its assembly on Wednesday.