Never shower during a thunderstorm. A physicist explains why: ScienceAlert

The Met Workplace has issued a number of “yellow thunderstorm warnings” for the UK, highlighting the potential for frequent lightning strikes. Whereas your probability of being struck by lightning is low, it is very important know keep secure throughout a thunderstorm. Globally, about 24,000 folks die every year from lightning and one other 240,000 are … Read more

New quantum technology combines free electrons and photons

An optical chip with a ring-shaped optical storage, known as a micro-resonator, and an optical fiber coupling. The wafer is barely three millimeters vast, and the radius of the ring resonator at its tip is 0.114 mm. Credit score: Armin Feist/Max Planck Institute for Interdisciplinary Sciences Sooner computer systems, non-clickable connections, higher automobile sensors – … Read more

Astrophysicists ‘resolve a fundamental gravitational fingerprint around a black hole’

The emission from M87 has now been resolved into a skinny, shiny ring (orange), originating from the infinite sequence of further pictures of the emission area, and the extra diffuse uncooked picture, produced by photons coming straight towards Earth (in blue options). When wanting on the imaging decision of the Occasion Horizon Telescope, the 2 … Read more

A sleeping giant could end life in the deep ocean

Fish on deep reefs in Pearl and Hermes Atoll in Papahanaumokuakea Nationwide Marine Monument close to Hawaii. Credit score: (Greg McFall, NOAA) A beforehand neglected issue – the placement of the continents – helps fill Earth’s oceans with life-supporting oxygen. Continental motion may finally have the other impact, killing most deep-ocean creatures. Andy Ridgewell, a … Read more

Particle Physics: A Surprising Discovery Reveals a Charming Quark Inside a Proton

The textbook’s description of the proton says it comprises three smaller particles – two up quarks and one down quark – however a brand new evaluation has discovered robust proof that it additionally comprises a attraction quark. Physics August 17 2022 by Alex Wilkins Artist’s impression of the proton – the massive pink balls are … Read more

Finding a theory of everything: Top physicists gather in Vancouver to discuss quantum mechanics and general relativity

From left, Concorde Pacific CEO Terry Hoy meets 2019 Nobel Laureate Jim Peebles, enterprise capitalist and former President of Digital Arts Paul Lee, and College of British Columbia Professor of Condensed Matter Principle Philip Stump, throughout a convention to advertise to the brand new Institute of Quantum Gravity in Vancouver in August. .16.Jimmy Jeong/The Globe … Read more

Hollow fibers for precise positioning in space

Written by George Weigt George Weigt, Fraunhofer-Institut für Zuverlässigkeit und Mikrointegration IZM Using hole fibers makes fiber-optic gyroscopes much less prone to exterior interference. Credit score: Fraunhofer IZM Seeing automobiles driving or planes flying by themselves can solely be achieved if the onboard electronics can decide the place they’re in area at any time with … Read more

Microneedling unlocks the therapeutic potential of curcumin

The dermal-directed curcumin supply system synergistically combines albumin binding, extracellular vesicle encapsulation, and soluble microneedle arrays. Credit score: School of Engineering, Carnegie Mellon College Whereas turmeric root has been used medicinally world wide for hundreds of years, science has discovered that its essential chemical part, curcumin, is damaged down within the physique earlier than its … Read more

Oscillating drops in space confirm the theory of the late Professor

The drop is pushed at 1.6 Hz oscillating at [2,0] The place on the F7 substrate shows a freely transferring communication line. Credit score: J. McCraney et al, Bodily Evaluate Letters (2022). DOI: 10.1103/ PhysRevLett.129.084501 As astronomers world wide get pleasure from new views of the distant universe, an experiment on the Worldwide Area Station … Read more

Two-dimensional borders can generate electricity

The cost redistribution mannequin reveals how cost flows by the section interfaces in a 2D piezoelectric materials of molybdenum (blue) and tellurium (yellow). The crimson areas endure from a scarcity of electrical energy, and the inexperienced areas are wealthy in electrons. The voltage from the tip of the microscope distorts the lattice and creates dipoles … Read more